Monday Moments with President Bergman: January 7, 2019

Gustavus President Rebecca M. Bergman shares her thoughts with College employees each week.
Posted on January 7th, 2019 by

President Rebecca M. Bergman

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing holiday break. I am grateful that I had opportunities to spend quality time with my immediate and extended family, and I especially enjoyed interacting with my eight-month-old granddaughter, Clara. I feel renewed and ready to get back to the important work of serving our students and fulfilling our mission, and I trust that you are, too.

During these weeks of January, I would like to revisit our core value of community. I continue to believe that the Gustavus community is one of the most precious and important assets of our institution. We regularly tell prospective students and their families that our supportive environment is what makes Gustavus special. We encourage them to visit campus so that they truly experience the “Gustie Spirit.”

A thriving community comes together around a common purpose (mission), shares common values, and works toward a common vision. These foundational aspects of a healthy community are absolutely vital for success, and Gustavus is well-positioned in this regard. While these expressions of our identity are critically important, the reality is that mission, core values, and vision come alive through the actions and interactions of our students, faculty, and staff. Positive communities prioritize the well-being of every person, foster genuine connections among people, communicate effectively and respectfully, and bring their best selves to work each and every day.

This week, try a small expression of appreciation for your fellow community members. When you have an opportunity, hold the door for someone behind you, greet them warmly, and go on your way with a smile on your face. In fact, have fun with this, and make it a habit for the New Year.

Until next week, keep up the good work, Gusties.

With respect,



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