Monday Moments with President Bergman: November 4, 2019

Gustavus President Rebecca M. Bergman shares her thoughts with College employees each week.
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President Rebecca M. Bergman

Last Thursday, on Founders Day, we honored three college employees for their extraordinary service to the College. This is an especially meaningful award at Gustavus, because nominations come from the employee’s peers. Here is how we describe our core value of service: “The College highly values service as an objective of life and education. We embrace the notion that authentic leadership expresses itself in service–the classical ideal of a truly liberating education.” This year’s award recipients are role models for how the core value of service is exemplified within our Gustavus community. Please join me in recognizing the following three individuals:

Scott Meyer is the recipient of the 2019 Augusta Carlson Schultz Award, which is presented annually to a support staff employee who exemplifies outstanding dedication and spirit of service. Scott serves as a Campus Safety Officer and has worked at Gustavus since 1998. Carol Brewer introduced Scott at our Founders Day reception, and she closed her remarks with this comment: “Simply put, Scott won’t ever tell you he is great…he will just show you every day. I am here today to tell you he is GREAT!”

Heather Dale is the recipient of the 2019 Eric Norelius Award. This award is given annually to an outstanding administrative employee who has demonstrated exceptional service and dedication to the College. Heather serves as the Director of Health Service and Assistant Dean of Students. She has worked at Gustavus since 2008. JoNes VanHecke introduced Heather and quoted this from her nomination letter: “Heather showed me what community means at work, and I am forever grateful for her generosity and inclusion.”

Dr. Tom LoFaro, Clifford M. Swanson Professor in Mathematics, received the 2019 Faculty Service Award. This award is given annually to a faculty member whose service has improved the College. Dr. LoFaro has been at Gustavus since 2000. Dr. Kate Knutson, who is the 2018 Faculty Service Award recipient, introduced Dr. LoFaro and highlighted his leadership role in the creation of our new General Education curriculum, including these words from his nomination: “We desperately needed someone at the helm who would work hard and would not be offended if people disagreed…Tom was that person. He created a committee culture that welcomed ideas, negotiated difference, and kept focused on what was best for students.”

These three individuals, in very different ways, have all notably contributed to the mission and vision of Gustavus. They stand out as role models of extraordinary service. They are fully engaged in the work of the College, are held in high regard by their peers, and are dedicated to the success and wellbeing of our students. This week, I ask you to contemplate how you authentically model our core value of service to our community. Do you demonstrate your dedication to service in your daily interactions? By embracing an attitude of service to each other and our students, we truly live in community and show the world what the “Gustie Spirit” really means.

Until next week, keep up the good work, Gusties!

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